What to do in Venice in 3 days

Forget the chaos of the metropolis, surrounded by smog, pollution and the noise of the traffic, and let’s go to Venice! Venice is a magical city, and it is really worth visiting it at least once in a lifetime. In this article we will discover what you can do during a three-day stay in Venice!

First of all, we suggest you to catch a train to get to Venice (if you want to travel by car, you can park it at Tronchetto, but it may be expensive) and stay in Mestre. Mestre is less expensive than Venice, so choosing a B&B or a hotel in Mestre will allow you to save money. Also, reaching Venice from Mestre is really simple and quick, as it takes only 10 minutes by train to get to Santa Lucia Railway Station.

1. Strolling

Once you arrive in Venice, you can buy a map, choose all the important places you want to visit and follow it. But you can also NOT buy a map and let inspiration guide you through this special city! Walk in its calli, visit its small shops (maybe even buy souvenirs or gifts for your friends, family or yourself), and stop to bacari (typical venetian wine bars) to taste local food. Let’s get lost in the city and let it guide you in this experience! Don’t forget to visit also the famous St. Mark’s Square and St. Mark’s Basilica, and the historic Doge’s Palace. These are places where you will find many museums and exhibitions, so Venice is the perfect city for art lovers.

2. Visiting Murano island

You probably know that Murano is the island of blown glass, but if you’ve never visited it, we highly recommend doing it. To get to Murano you’ll have to catch the waterbus (in venetian vaporetto) from Santa Lucia Railway Station and in half an hour you will arrive on this beautiful island. Murano is not only the island of glass, though: you will find also beautiful small churches and dramatic calli and squares to visit.

3. Venice by night

Even if you don’t like going out at night-time, we really recommend you visiting Venice at sunset and after the sun goes down! During the night the city changes its appearance, the moon rises high in the sky and all the lights on the streets turn on. The beauty of Venice by moonlight is hard to explain, the only way to understand it is to see it with your own eyes. Don’t forget to visit the Rialto Bridge or Ponte dei Sospiri by night, they are even more special!