Venice Biennale

Venice, also known as La Serenissima, is famous for its architectural beauties and breathtaking sights, but has always been the protagonist of italian art and culture since the time of Doges and Maritime Republics. The millenary cultural tradition of Venice gave the world a great gift, which is Venice Biennale. In Italian Biennale di Venezia, nowadays this important cultural event comprises many shows and exhibitions.


This cultural association was founded in 1895 with the 1st International Art Exhibition of the city of Venice, and the aim of the exhibition was to stimulate artistic creativity and to establish a new art market for contemporary art in Italy.

The Venice Biennale still promotes new artistic tendencies, and for this purpose it organizes many international exhibitions of contemporary arts: International Art Exhibition, International Festival of Contemporary Music (since 1930), International Theatre Festival (since 1934), International Architecture Exhibition (since 1980), International Festival of Contemporary Dance (since 1999) and Venice International Film Festival (since 1932).

Location and exhibition areas

The Art Biennale and the Architecture Biennale are held on alternate years and they are based in Giardini della Biennale in sestiere Castello. Here there are 29 pavilions (one for each country) and the Central Pavilion where the main exhibition is usually hosted.

In the past few years, the monumental buildings of the Arsenale have been included in the Biennale’s exhibition areas. Nowadays the Biennale has an exhibition area of almost 17000m², with autonomous events held all over Venice and in every sestiere.