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The brand Venice Destination comes from our experience in organizing tailor-made travels, experience we gained from years of work as travel agency/tour operator I Viaggi dell’Imperatore and also from the countless destinations around the world we personally visited. Today I viaggi dell’Imperatore is synonymous with high quality, customer care, flexibility and personalized travels fully recognized by the turism industry. It has been a long way, full of passion, innovation and competence, and it has enabled us to help our customers plan the best travel.

TEam MeMbers

Venice Destination is a project based on the support, skills and technical management of I Viaggi dell’Imperatore’s team.

Gloria B.

CIO - Destination Venice

Luca G.

CTO - Venice Destination

Matteo R.

COO Products and Services Venice Destination

Christopher B. Emerson

CEO Travel Agency | Tour Operator I Viaggi dell'Imperatore


Because we are a dinamic team, we know very well the turism industry and all the destinations we specialized in. Because we really listen to our customers and care for their wishes, constantly trying to make them true. Because a travel doesn’t only mean hotels and flights, but it requires to widen the perspective on the destination so you can live unforgettable adventures.


Our modern headquarters extends over 120mq and guarantees our customers total privacy. If you need to contact us, you can find us also on the most important social networks, thanks to technology we abolish distances.


Venice is in our DNA. We visit it many times every year and we can’t hide our mad passion for it. Every single time we go to Venice and discover new places or activities, we recomend them all to our customers.                                                                                                Thanks to our partners, we became a point of reference in the international market for this destination.


In 2019 we created this role to offer more and to show how important our customers are to us. People who reach this status will get access to interesting contents and special offers, so we can promote this magnificent and unique city.

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